Why a Clean Carpet is Important

There are several reasons why carpet cleaning is important. However, the most important reason has to do with the aspect of health and hygiene. What many people do not realize is that carpets harbor all sorts of dirt and germs from those walking on them. This is true, especially when someone walk in straight from the street without changing into indoor slippers. Even the indoor slippers are not free from dirt and germs. Dirty carpets can attract dust mites, which cause allergy problems, asthma, and contribute to sicknesses. Dirty carpets are the breeding grounds for all kinds of bacteria and dust mites. When it comes to carpet cleaning, many people resort to vacuuming their carpets.

This only removes the surface dust and some dirt. Rarely, may be once in a year, they may use shampoo to clean their carpets by themselves, or hire a carpet cleaner with all detergents. This is very expensive. Even though this removes a lot of dirt from one’s carpet, it is not a substitute for a real professional carpet cleaning system, which uses hot water extraction method of carpet cleaning. This method of carpet cleaning uses professional machinery and special detergents, which get deep down into the carpet fiber.

This removes dirt, stains and bacteria from the carpet. Most people do not realize how dirty their carpets are. One may think that his or her carpet is clean, especially when it has a dark color that masks the most of dirt and stains on it. A dark colored carpet can look clean and attractive even after several years. However, it does not matter what color a carpet is because it will get dirty irrespective of the color. Many ordinary cleaning methods do not take out all dirt from the carpets to make a real difference. If a carpet is not properly cleaned, soil and dirt will ingrain into it over time. This will have an abrasive effect on the carpet and consequently wear down faster. This effect can even be worse if stains are not treated in time. Cleaning floor carpets on a regular basis is worthwhile and comes with lasting benefits in in terms of health and financial savings.