Vacuum at least once a week!

Growing up my grandmother always told me that I had to vacuum at least once a week or my carpets weren't really clean. Of course, she was cleaning house in the 1940's when that was all she really did all day, and I always wondered if that was true or just some old tale that had been passed down, or something the carpet salesman had told her when they first got carpet. So I decided to do some research and see what I could come up with, and so far, I am finding that it really is best to vacuum at least once a week.

Carpets actually do need to vacuumed regularly to help them last longer. After check a number of different carpet brands and styles, from the plushes to the wovens, the thick piles to the short cut and everything in between; I found that most manufactures recommend once a week. This removes dirt and dust that can get tracked in by feet and shoes and keeps the carpets clean. It also pulls the strands back up after having been pushed down by the foot traffic, which makes the carpet last longer.

Another reason to vacuum at least once a week is allergies. If anyone in your house has in allergies, then the more often you vacuum the less of the allergens you should notice in the air. Some people with allergies, like my brother, have to vacuum their houses daily. This reason actually caught me off guard, but if you vacuum your house on a weekly basis, did you know you just feel better. Studies showed that people reported being happier and more content when they vacuumed once a week compared to those who did not. It seems that having a clean house makes us feel good about ourselves, and one psychologist working with low self-esteem patients started by having them vacuum daily and it raised their self-esteem. Well, ok then, I guess that seals it for me, if I am going to feel better about myself, then I guess I'll vacuum at least once a week from now on, grandmother was right. It's worth a try right.