Tile or carpet?

When it comes to decorating your home, you should always start from the floor up. Nothing sets the tone for the room -- or gets less credit for it -- than the type of flooring you choose. Color, style and design are all obvious considerations...but first you have to decide what your floor of choice will be. Looking at the benefits of tile over carpet is a great way to decide.

The longevity of tile is hard to dispute. The materials can last centuries and only look more beautiful over time. Tile is simple to clean on a daily basis and requires less deep cleaning than traditional carpeting. Design-wise, tile makes a statement and compliments just about any decor. Whether you prefer ceramic, porcelain, slate, granite or even marble, tile is a stunning and versatile choice for any home Tile is traditionally used for homes in warm climates, where staying cool is a priority over keeping warm. But just because you live where white Christmases are a common occurance doesn't completely rule out being able to use tile in your home.

You can still use area rugs on your tile floor for added warmth and focal point in your rooms, giving you the benefits of both tile and carpet. That option just sin't there for fully carpeted floors. Tile can be more expensive per square foot than carpet, but think of it as an investment. Replacing tile as time goes on is a lot simpler and less costly than carpeting. Think about it -- if one tile cracks, then one tile needs to be replaced. If wall to wall carpeting needs to be replaced, you have to replace it all. Most importantly, tile flooring is considered high end and luxurious, raising the value of your home. When looking at the benefits of tile over carpet, it is easy to see that for endurance and elegance, tile is the smart and savvy choice.