6 carpet cleaning myths

6 carpet cleaning myths

There are several misconceptions about carpet cleaning that are held by many homeowners. The following is a look at these myths and the truthful facts to quell them.


Carpets have to be visibly dirty for them to be cleaned. This is a falsehood since there are a lot of agents hidden fro thee human eyes that have the potential to cause harm to the inhabitants of a homestead. These include animal dander and fine dust. Regular cleaning is recommended, or every carpet to eliminate allergic reactions from these agents.


People have the misconception that in order to avoid changing the looks of a new carpet, it should be cleaned after a long time after purchase. This is one of the carpet cleaning myths because it results to damage to the carpet fibers and exposes the occupants in a home to allergens. Professional carpet cleaners ensure that there are no changes to a carpet because they only return it to a home after it has fully dried. This is to avoid instances where particles of any kind sticking on the fibers and changing the carpet’s looks.


Many homeowners believe that bleach is the best agent to clean their carpets. The fact is bleach is only useful where the carpet is stained and can actually cause discoloration of the carpet if used incorrectly.


Some homeowners believe that vacuuming damages the fibers of the carpet. There is some truth in this myth because unnecessarily high-powered vacuuming or vacuuming too often may damage the carpet fibers but weekly vacuuming or once every two weeks does not cause any harm.


Carpet cleaning results to its shrinking. This is one of the common carpet cleaning myths because professional carpet cleaners ensure that the carpet is completely dry before returning it back to a homeowner. The only instance that a carpet may shrink in size is where it is very wet when placed back on the floor.


A carpet can only be dry cleaned. This is what many homeowners are advised when they purchase a carpet. This position results from the ruined carpets of many homeowners because they placed their carpets on their floors when wet making store attendants advise against other carpet cleaning techniques.