What Is Grout Sealing?



Grout sealing is the application of a substance to grout. Grout is the material put in-between the tiles. Grout is very porous hence will absorb liquids therefore causing stains. Grout sealers will make the surface more water resistance, stops liquids seeping through the tile seams, and also makes the surface easy to wash.



Generally people use two forms of grout sealing: penetrating grout sealing and membrane forming sealing. Penetrating grout sealers are made of latex or silicone. These substances will soak into the grout when applied. This allows the grout to absorb the sealer giving it a transparent barrier. Penetrating sealers do not add any glossiness to the surface. Membrane forming sealers for grout harden over the surface. This protective top coat will also make the surface glossy. Sealers for grout may be colored or clear, and harden after application. This ensures that no changes in color will take place later.



Grout sealing takes several steps. It is important to make sure that each step is carried out properly. Lack of doing so might affect the durability and effectiveness of the grout sealer. The first step is usually cleaning the surface, this is aimed at removing dust, dirt, oil, grease, wax, varnish, peeling paint, soap, and much more. The next step is applying the sealer. This is done using a clean microfiber cloth, a small brush, or a sponge. Usually two coats of the grout sealer are applied. The second coat is applied after the first coat has completely dried.



An hour should be enough for the grout sealer to dry. A good way of testing if the sealer is dry is by pouring some water to see if the grout sealer absorbs the water. When applying the sealer, it is important to open all windows and doors. This creates a safe environment and also hastens the drying process.