Green cleaning

Green cleaning Green cleaning simply put means the use of cleaning products and techniques that are not harmful to human health and are friendly to the environment.

These products and procedures have been designed with ingredients that aim to preserve the environment and health. The products are characterized by being biodegradable which means they decompose easily in the soil when disposed. Also the process of manufacturing green products should be green in that it does not create toxic chemicals as by products. Green Cleaning tips.

Use Green Cleaning products for all your cleaning needs this could include products made from natural ingredients like lemon juice which is a good disinfectant and also removes grease, olive oil can be used for polishing wood while picking up the dirt, Castile soap for all purpose foam cleaning and baking soda or sodium bicarbonate. Be careful when using air fresheners most of them contain hormone altering chemicals such as phthalates. So in order to avoid using such chemicals then you should keep the house generally clean and if need be use vinegar and baking soda to eliminate bad odor. Benefits of Green Cleaning. A healthy environment.


Green cleaning ensures a reduction in both air and water pollution and also protects the ozone layer from being depleted and this helps to maintain the global climate. It has brought about safer products. The green cleaning products have undergone strict standards and therefore they do not cause irritation in the skin and eyes. Healthy homes. When using green cleaning products you do not have to worry about breathing in harmful chemicals or absorbing them in your skin.

This reduces the risk of diseases like asthma which can be brought about cleaning spray. Most of the Green cleaning products are cheaper since they are made from locally available items like lemons and salt and that makes them friendly to people who are on a budget. Green cleaning ensures safer environment safer, healthier homes and healthier people.