How to make your garbage disposal smell nice

Does your garbage disposal smell bad? well here you will find some tips to make it smell nice. citrus peels, these are commonly used for cleaning products because of the smell they have, so, did you eat oranges, or maybe some lime?

smell Do not throw the peels away yet, collect them and once you have enough, throw them in the garbage disposal. Is the smell still there? pour half a bottle of vinegar and let it sit there for about 30 minutes, then run the garbage disposal with water, it will smell like vinegar for the first few minutes, but the smell of vinegar always goes away; if you want to you can combine the vinegar with baking soda and a little bit of dish soap, wait for about 30 minutes and then run the system with water.

Another tip that really works great, is filling the sink with hot water and adding bleach, then let it sit there for about two hours and turn on the disposer; it is good to pour a bit of bleach once in a while even if the garbage disposal does not smell bad, the bacteria that grows in your drain will produce a very bad and disgusting smell.

Another little tip that will be useful is to throw in the sink a couple of trays of ice with baking soda, and run the system, this will also sharpen the blades, and if this does not work, you might need to change the blades for new ones, if the food is not getting chopped up, it can get stuck in there and this will cause a very bad and disgusting smell in your sink. always run the garbage disposal with hot water for about a minute after you have used it, and then add a little bit of bleach and leave it there until you use the sink again, and you will never have a bad smelling garbage disposal.

Three Benefits of a Clean Carpet

Three Benefits of a Clean Carpet The benefits of a clean carpet are numerous. Obviously having a clean and sanitary carpet is truly beneficial for the mental health of the homeowners however, going beyond a great appearance there are other reasons to have a clean carpet. We even have a special car vacuum cleaner to clean your carpets in your car. The three benefits of a clean carpet are as follows:
Removal of allergens
browserScreenCarpet that has been thoroughly cleaned by any method is the elimination of allergens. Respiratory problems can affect many people and those who have carpeting in the home should have their carpets cleaned. Allergy reduction is important to family members and guests that may have respiratory conditions and need to have the elimination of all possible allergens.
Your Carpet lasts longer
Having the carpet cleaned regularly can preserve the fibers and backing of the carpet and make it less likely to wear out, I recommend you check carpet cleaning Las Vegas where you can get help from professionals cleaning your carpets. This is one of the benefits of having your carpet cleaned on a regular basis. Regular cleaning makes fibers stronger and less resistant to breaking down. This is a little known advantage to having a clean carpet. Here are some of the best odor eliminator cleaning products for your carpet.
Removal of mold
Keeping carpets cleaned on a regular basis can lead to the removal of mold. For those who may have had some water damage to the carpet, the removal of mold can be a benefit that is long lasting. Mold has a deleterious effect on all who encounter it and modern cleaning and extraction methods can remove mold from carpeting. This is another reason why individuals who have carpet cleaning on a regular basis can get not only a clean carpet, but extra benefits from all possible molds reduced from the home.
These are the three benefits of a clean carpet. In addition, as mentioned having a clean carpet does make your home look and smell great, so there is no reason not to clean the carpet, as it is an affordable way to improve the health of family members.

Dryer Vent Cleaning Methods

The vast majority of folks don’t even think of clothes dryer vent cleaning being a serious situation yet dryers having congested vents waste a lot of energy and also take more time to dry the clothes. Thankfully, maintaining your dryer vent really clean is simple and cheap.
long hose runCleaning the dryer’s lint trap following each and every washing load will certainly prevent fire by up to Ninety percent. However unsafe and expensive blockages can build up from the flexible duct between your clothes dryer and walls, or perhaps in the duct inside of the wall. The fact is, clogs on these places may possibly lessen the amount of lint you will find in the trap. Some other indications of blocked ducts are very hot laundry loads of which stay damp, more time required to dry out clothes, and also elevated external dryer temperatures.
To prevent harmful and unproductive build up, our recommendation is that you actually clean up your dryer’s ductwork every year or after you suspect problems. Done correctly, it’s not a challenging process. It calls for disconnecting your dryer, disconnecting your exhaust tube from each the device as well as the wall along with cleaning up both this tube as well as the in-wall duct using a vacuum plus a dryer brush.
If you’re not practical using home appliances, or are concerned about appropriately disconnecting and connecting back your clothes dryer gear, you could get a specialist service in order to really clean the dryer vent ductwork for you. Look around and have numerous quotes, as a cost for air duct cleaning may range starting from $45 to more than $200, based on exactly what professional services are available.
If you choose to clean up your ducts on your own, be sure you utilize the right tools. A powerful vacuum say for example a shop-vac will perform a lot of the work, but you’ll also need to use a customized dryer brush or perhaps auger by using a bendable pole that will get to all around corners inside the wall structure. Additionally, you will most likely need certain attachments for the vacuum cleaner as well as a drill.

Tips to Remove Dog Hair from Your Carpet

Tips to Remove Dog Hair from Your Carpet

Having a pet dog in your home is a lovely thing. Dogs shower us with their love and give us company when we are truly alone and depressed. It is no surprise then that they are called man’s best friend. However, it is challenging to keep your home clean if you have a dog. One such challenge is the task of removing Dog hair from your carpet. It sticks to the carpet and sometimes, does not even get pulled by a vacuum cleaner. How to do remove it then? Here are some tips to remove Dog Hair from Your Carpet.


1) Use Latex Gloves or Balloons

As children, we used to play with static electricity a lot. Remember how the hair on your body used to stand up when you rubbed a balloon and brought it close to them. It’s time to put that scientific principle to use.

Use rubber gloves or balloons, rub them and let static electricity do the work. Once the hair sticks to your glove or balloon, pick it up.

2) Use a slightly wet kitchen sponge

Use this only when removing Dog hair from low-pile carpet. Clean the carpet with vacuum first. Bring a slightly wet kitchen sponge and rub it on the area with the dog hair. The dog hair will now roll up in clumps that you can easily pick up from the floor.

3) Use Baking Soda

Sprinkle your carpet, especially areas with Dog hair, with baking soda and leave it there for a few minutes. After 10-20 minutes, vacuum the whole carpet. This is an effective method of Dog hair removal.

4) Use Sellotape to peel off the fur

You may have seen how sellotape is effective at peeling off hair from your arms or legs (if you haven’t tried it, you surely know someone who has). Use this stickiness to your benefit.

Put some sellotape around your hand. Make sure that the sticky part is facing outside. Tap the areas with Dog hair and see them stick to the sellotape. Cheap and effective.

Having outside dog beds will also reduce the total amount you have to clean up inside, generally dogs like to be outside so they’ll likely spend some time shedding there. Use the above methods to keep your carpet clean from Dog hair. Have fun with your dog.

Why Doormats Are Important

Why Doormats Are Important

Ever wondered whether doormats are really that important? Well, the short answer is that yes, indeed, they are. The long answer is that doormats should be in every household and for several reasons.

Doormats, especially when customized to suit an individual’s style, are a very important component of interior/exterior decor. They add to the aesthetic appeal of the house and make the house seem warmer and more welcoming. Doormats are the first piece of interior decor that a person visiting your home comes into contact with. As such, you should ensure that they make a good first impression.

Doormats trap dirt, dust and debris that is contained in the shoes of those who visit your home. A lot of traffic goes through your doormat, and it is just as well because the doormat traps debris that would otherwise end up inside your homedoor mat. By trapping this dirt and debris, doormats ensure that your house stays clean(which means less cleaning time for you and longevity for your carpet) and healthy as pathogens stay out of the house. Indeed, there are some doormats that are enhanced with antibacterial components to fight these pathogens.

Believe it or not, doormats are also very useful when it comes to marketing and advertising your business,especially if you are just starting up. What better way to sell your business than to have its logo printed on the first piece that everyone getting into your house sees? This is a marketing strategy that a lot of business owners have put into action.

If you are looking to give your house a quick and cheap face lift, you might want to get a doormat. They come in different materials, with some being made from Eco-friendly material; shapes, colors and you can opt for personalization to reflect your taste.

It really does not get better than that!

Why Vacuuming Your Carpet Is So Important

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Your carpet could as well be your most prized possession. In most homes, the carpet gives visitors a homely feeling. It also adds to your home’s aesthetic value. However, carpets get dirty quite often. You therefore need to know why vacuuming your carpet is important. It will save you the trouble of having to lose one of your most prized possessions.

Here are a couple of reasons why vacuuming your carpet is so important:

– It improves the general level of hygiene that exists in your home.

Carpets have a tendency to attract dirt, pollen and dust mites. All of these things have potentially adverse effects on your health. For instance, dirt may contain germs while pollen may lead to severe allergic reactions. You must therefore get rid of all of these harmful things as often as possible. This is only possible through frequent carpet vacuuming with this cordless vacuum cleaner.

– It keeps your carpet looking beautiful.

The dirt, pollen, dust and other materials on your carpet destroy the carpets radiance. By regularly vacuuming your carpet, you bring back your carpet’s beauty by removing these materials. You carpet will keep on looking new and fresh as long as your keep vacuuming it.

– It removes all the abrasive materials on your carpet.

An almost infinite number of things fall on your carpet. These things increase the rate of friction between you and the carpet as you are walking on it. It also increases the friction between the carpet and items that you could be moving over it. This friction causes the abrasions on the carpet. These abrasions soon turn into small patches of missing fabric. You cannot let this happen. Vacuum your carpet as frequently as possible.

These are the reasons why vacuuming your carpet is so important. Vacuum your carpet regularly and you will soon see the positive effects that this frequent vacuuming will have on your carpet.

Quick Ways to Improve Your Home

Does your home need a new look, but your budget seems to be cramping your style? Here are a few quick tips to make your home feel like a castle without the budget of a king.

Try a new paint color.
Visit your local hardware store and browse the paint department. Ask for some free samples of paint, and if that’s not an option, take home as many of the paper samples as possible. When choosing a color, focus on one room of your home that needs the most attention. After a few days of living with a sample color on your wall, make a final selection and enjoy the results!

Slipcovers make all couches new.
There’s nothing more relaxing than sitting down in a comfortable couch with a snack and drink in your hand. A couch can quickly show signs of life that can’t be washed away and the evidence that pets leave behind – such as dog hair – expedites this aging process. New slipcovers will make your furniture look like new while also complimenting your existing d├ęcor.

Clean out the clutter.
A clean home is a happy home, but if you’re like most people, you’ve grown accustomed to a certain pile of clutter – whether it’s papers, laundry or something else – occupying your space. Find a way to conquer that certain pile of clutter, and you’ll feel a weight come off your shoulders and call the carpet cleaning sunnyvale if you have the need of using some extra help.

Don’t Forget About Safety.
It’s easy to forget about the risks of a fire. If your home is not already equipped with a smoke detector, this should be at the top of your to-do list. If your home is already equipped with one, the detector should be routinely checked to be sure the batteries are still working. Another safety concern is carbon monoxide poisoning- your home should be equipped with a carbon monoxide detector. Safety is the most important improvement for any home.