How to make your garbage disposal smell nice

Does your garbage disposal smell bad? well here you will find some tips to make it smell nice. citrus peels, these are commonly used for cleaning products because of the smell they have, so, did you eat oranges, or maybe some lime?

smell Do not throw the peels away yet, collect them and once you have enough, throw them in the garbage disposal. Is the smell still there? pour half a bottle of vinegar and let it sit there for about 30 minutes, then run the garbage disposal with water, it will smell like vinegar for the first few minutes, but the smell of vinegar always goes away; if you want to you can combine the vinegar with baking soda and a little bit of dish soap, wait for about 30 minutes and then run the system with water.

Another tip that really works great, is filling the sink with hot water and adding bleach, then let it sit there for about two hours and turn on the disposer; it is good to pour a bit of bleach once in a while even if the garbage disposal does not smell bad, the bacteria that grows in your drain will produce a very bad and disgusting smell.

Another little tip that will be useful is to throw in the sink a couple of trays of ice with baking soda, and run the system, this will also sharpen the blades, and if this does not work, you might need to change the blades for new ones, if the food is not getting chopped up, it can get stuck in there and this will cause a very bad and disgusting smell in your sink. always run the garbage disposal with hot water for about a minute after you have used it, and then add a little bit of bleach and leave it there until you use the sink again, and you will never have a bad smelling garbage disposal.

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