Dryer Vent Cleaning Methods

The vast majority of folks don’t even think of clothes dryer vent cleaning being a serious situation yet dryers having congested vents waste a lot of energy and also take more time to dry the clothes. Thankfully, maintaining your dryer vent really clean is simple and cheap.
long hose runCleaning the dryer’s lint trap following each and every washing load will certainly prevent fire by up to Ninety percent. However unsafe and expensive blockages can build up from the flexible duct between your clothes dryer and walls, or perhaps in the duct inside of the wall. The fact is, clogs on these places may possibly lessen the amount of lint you will find in the trap. Some other indications of blocked ducts are very hot laundry loads of which stay damp, more time required to dry out clothes, and also elevated external dryer temperatures.
To prevent harmful and unproductive build up, our recommendation is that you actually clean up your dryer’s ductwork every year or after you suspect problems. Done correctly, it’s not a challenging process. It calls for disconnecting your dryer, disconnecting your exhaust tube from each the device as well as the wall along with cleaning up both this tube as well as the in-wall duct using a vacuum plus a dryer brush.
If you’re not practical using home appliances, or are concerned about appropriately disconnecting and connecting back your clothes dryer gear, you could get a specialist service in order to really clean the dryer vent ductwork for you. Look around and have numerous quotes, as a cost for air duct cleaning may range starting from $45 to more than $200, based on exactly what professional services are available.
If you choose to clean up your ducts on your own, be sure you utilize the right tools. A powerful vacuum say for example a shop-vac will perform a lot of the work, but you’ll also need to use a customized dryer brush or perhaps auger by using a bendable pole that will get to all around corners inside the wall structure. Additionally, you will most likely need certain attachments for the vacuum cleaner as well as a drill.

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