Tips to Remove Dog Hair from Your Carpet

Tips to Remove Dog Hair from Your Carpet

Having a pet dog in your home is a lovely thing. Dogs shower us with their love and give us company when we are truly alone and depressed. It is no surprise then that they are called man’s best friend. However, it is challenging to keep your home clean if you have a dog. One such challenge is the task of removing Dog hair from your carpet. It sticks to the carpet and sometimes, does not even get pulled by a vacuum cleaner. How to do remove it then? Here are some tips to remove Dog Hair from Your Carpet.


1) Use Latex Gloves or Balloons

As children, we used to play with static electricity a lot. Remember how the hair on your body used to stand up when you rubbed a balloon and brought it close to them. It’s time to put that scientific principle to use.

Use rubber gloves or balloons, rub them and let static electricity do the work. Once the hair sticks to your glove or balloon, pick it up.

2) Use a slightly wet kitchen sponge

Use this only when removing Dog hair from low-pile carpet. Clean the carpet with vacuum first. Bring a slightly wet kitchen sponge and rub it on the area with the dog hair. The dog hair will now roll up in clumps that you can easily pick up from the floor.

3) Use Baking Soda

Sprinkle your carpet, especially areas with Dog hair, with baking soda and leave it there for a few minutes. After 10-20 minutes, vacuum the whole carpet. This is an effective method of Dog hair removal.

4) Use Sellotape to peel off the fur

You may have seen how sellotape is effective at peeling off hair from your arms or legs (if you haven’t tried it, you surely know someone who has). Use this stickiness to your benefit.

Put some sellotape around your hand. Make sure that the sticky part is facing outside. Tap the areas with Dog hair and see them stick to the sellotape. Cheap and effective.

Having outside dog beds will also reduce the total amount you have to clean up inside, generally dogs like to be outside so they’ll likely spend some time shedding there. Use the above methods to keep your carpet clean from Dog hair. Have fun with your dog.

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