Quick Ways to Improve Your Home

Does your home need a new look, but your budget seems to be cramping your style? Here are a few quick tips to make your home feel like a castle without the budget of a king.

Try a new paint color.
Visit your local hardware store and browse the paint department. Ask for some free samples of paint, and if that’s not an option, take home as many of the paper samples as possible. When choosing a color, focus on one room of your home that needs the most attention. After a few days of living with a sample color on your wall, make a final selection and enjoy the results!

Slipcovers make all couches new.
There’s nothing more relaxing than sitting down in a comfortable couch with a snack and drink in your hand. A couch can quickly show signs of life that can’t be washed away and the evidence that pets leave behind – such as dog hair – expedites this aging process. New slipcovers will make your furniture look like new while also complimenting your existing décor.

Clean out the clutter.
A clean home is a happy home, but if you’re like most people, you’ve grown accustomed to a certain pile of clutter – whether it’s papers, laundry or something else – occupying your space. Find a way to conquer that certain pile of clutter, and you’ll feel a weight come off your shoulders.

Don’t Forget About Safety.
It’s easy to forget about the risks of a fire. If your home is not already equipped with a smoke detector, this should be at the top of your to-do list. If your home is already equipped with one, the detector should be routinely checked to be sure the batteries are still working. Another safety concern is carbon monoxide poisoning- your home should be equipped with a carbon monoxide detector. Safety is the most important improvement for any home.

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