The Berber Carpet

Shopping for carpets has to be one of the most intensive and demanding things to do when dressing your home. Most people usually do not know what they want and are likely to make wrong choices since they do not have the correct information. Berber Carpets have been growing in popularity over the recent past. They are unknown to many people and people have a lot of questions about them. Berber Carpets are actually pretty good and this because of a couple of reasons.

A Berber Carpet is a loop carpet that has yarns looped through the carpet back instead of cutting as is the case with most carpets. They are a modern style of carpets and usually have a dark color with the background composed of lighter color shades. They generally have no pattern and usually have a single color. Their origins can be traced to the Berber people of North Africa where they get their name from. They are hand woven and relatively cheap when compared to most carpets and have a significant use in very many places.

They are large and very warm with their natural colors providing a stylish look that is very modern. They are good for people who want their houses to have that exquisite and classy look. When you vacuum clean the carpet it does not show the vacuum tracks as is the case with most carpets. Footprints are also not noticeable on the carpet. This makes the carpet very good for areas that experience a lot of traffic. Family dens and offices with a lot of visitors come in mind here. Children's rooms are also well suited for this carpets since kids love to play and move a lot. The carpet however requires special cleaning and attention so that it can last for a long time.