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Carpet Doctor understands that you have many choices when it comes to carpet and tile cleaning in Tampa Florida, We feel we are your best choice for quality cleaning at an affordable price. Our truck mounted cleaning units provide the deepest of cleans that will leave your floors in new like condition. State-of-the-art equipment will be used by trained professionals who are committed to treating your home with great care and respect. Staff members will be able to answer any questions regarding the job that will be completed. The goal of our company is to establish long-term relationships with every client so that their home or office space is as clean as possible and they are satisfied with the job that we have completed.

Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

It is essential that our customers are happy with the service that they have purchased. The level of cleanliness achieved after using our services should be unparalleled in comparison with the competition. The staff members of Carpet Doctor are here to serve the customers and will do everything possible to make the carpet cleaning Tampa experience both enjoyable and easy on the customer. It is the goal of this organization to work quickly and efficiently to do the job to the best of our ability without inconveniencing the customer.


There are many benefits of a clean carpet.

A clean carpet provides many benefits for your family and home. Your carpet is an important part of your home that you constantly come into contact with. A clean carpet is essential for the health and wellbeing of your family. It also makes your home comfortable and cozy, as well as dramatically improving it's appearance. Let's go into detail about some of the many benefits of a clean carpet:

Improves your family's health

Clean carpets are free of pollutants, allergens and dirt that could otherwise pose a risk to your family's health. Irritants such as pet dander, dust mites and mold that can be deeply embedded in dirty carpets can affect indoor quality and trigger illnesses. Having a clean carpet that does not harbour harmful allergens is important for anyone in your home who is prone to allergies. It also creates a hygienic living environment that is beneficial for everybody's health in general. By keeping a clean carpet, you and your family can enjoy cleaner indoor air and surfaces.

Provides comfort

Having a clean carpet means that you can make the most of all the benefits that a carpet provides. A dirty carpet can be a hindrance and you may need to avoid too much contact with the floor. But with a clean carpet, that's not a problem and you will be able to readily enjoy its lovely soft texture and feel. Clean carpets provide comfortable places for you and members of your family to sit, play or work.

Enhances appearance of your home

Another great benefit of a clean carpet is that it looks nice and makes your home more beautiful. You can tell when a carpet is clean or dirty by its color, feel, smell and appearance. A poorly maintained carpet can have a negative effect on the mood of an entire room, regardless of how nice the room decor or design is. Whereas, a well-kept, clean carpet looks fantastic and immediately creates a positive impression.

Longer lasting

Keeping your carpet clean and properly maintained means it will have a longer lifespan. Your carpet will wear less and last longer, providing you with a great financial benefit. You won't have to worry about it wearing out easily and accumulating dirt to the point that it needs to be replaced. Your carpet will look and feel nice for longer. As you can see, there are many benefits to having a clean carpet. It protects you and your family's health by providing a clean and hygienic home environment free of pollutants and allergens. A clean carpet will also make your home a comfortable place to live in and makes a big difference to how it looks.

18 years experience

We are the Tampa carpet cleaners with 18 years cleaning carpet and tile to perfection for all of our customers. Nothing compares to experience and we have that!

Advanced techniques

Carpet Doctor is at the forefront of cleaning technologies, we use the safe but effective cleaning products coupled with truck mounted cleaning equipment

Our Promise to you

There will never be any hidden fees with any of our cleaning services. We will never try to sell any services to our customers that they do not need. We consider every job we perform a reflection of us..

Carpet Doctor cleans carpet and so much more!

A clean home is a wonderful thing and finding a company that can help in that task will make

Carpet Doctor cleans carpet and so much more! Don't let the name fool you -- sure, we're the best in the business when it comes to cleaning carpets (even those difficult to remove stains and soiled spots), but we also pride ourselves in doing a first-class job cleaning tile, upholstery, and more! As our name suggests, we're great at carpet cleaning. We understand stains, dirt, and grime, and we know just what it takes to get your carpet looking brand new again. We also know that to many people out there, it might seem like carpet cleaning companies are a dime a dozen.

That's why we've chosen to set ourselves apart by adding in superior upholstery cleaning as well! Whether you've spilled a glass of wine on your favorite chair, or your new puppy had an "accident" on the family sofa, Carpet Doctors has you covered! Our in-depth knowledge of fabrics and the pesky things that stain them gives us a leg-up in treating your treasured upholstered pieces, and we make sure to do so with the utmost of care and respect.

What sets us apart from "those other guys" is that we know tiles, too! (As we said, Carpet Doctor cleans carpets and SO MUCH MORE!) Sure, we're incredibly familiar with fabrics, but we can clean tile and grout with the best of them too! Don't spend hours on your hand and knees attacking your bathrooms and kitchens with supermarket-grade products-- we've got safe, industrial grade cleaning products and tools that will get your tile looking spic and span in no time, no aching back necessary!

So next time you find yourself agonizing over dirty carpets, scuzzy tiles, or dingy upholstery, remember: the Carpet Doctor cleans carpets and SO much more! We're ready to work with you, treating your home as our own, ensuring that your surfaces get clean the first time and that you get the superior service that you deserve!

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Don't do it yourself, hire us!

If you think about it it is really cheaper on your wallet to hire us to clean your carpet. To clean your carpet yourself, you will need to rent a cleaning machine, buy the chemicals and do the labor. After hours of labor not only will you be tired, you will be disappointed with the results.

Now if you hire Carpet Doctor to clean your carpets you will spend about the same amount of money when you figure in your labor cost but the end result will be an actual clean carpet. See the equipment you rent at the local box store will be underpowered and just not capable of cleaning your carpet like a pro will.

We like to think that we are the carpet cleaning Tampa company that will make you forget about ever renting a machine again.